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Re: Top-level Makefile

>>>>> Richard Kenner writes:

> Try some more efficient shell, such as bash or at least ksh.

Richard> Well, the shell script has #!/bin/sh" in the first line, so that's the
Richard> one that's going to be used.  It needs to work reasonably with that one.

	The shell is determined by target configure and substituted into
the script.

The problem I had with fastjar apparently has been fixed, but the major
problem is in configuring libstcv++v3.  Each of the following lines took 85
seconds, meaning the entire configure takes over an hour.  I'm on
alphaev56-dec-osfv4.0c.  The last time I reported this I was told it had been
fixed.  I see it has not ...

	This is because v3 saves and restores the state excessively which
some shells implement with temporary files.  I had a similar problem on
AIX.  I improved the situation on AIX by using Bash.

	I run Make with the following items in the incantation:

SHELL=/usr/gnu/bin/bash CONFIG_SHELL=/usr/gnu/bin/bash

and v3 configures in a human timescale again.


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