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Re: ICE in change_address at emit_rtl.c

Zack Weinberg wrote:-

> So my plan is to make identifiers not be trees anymore, at all; hash
> table entries point to (or contain) just the struct lang_identifier.
> Language independent code that sets flag bits in IDENTIFIER_NODEs is
> either nuked, or changed to use lookaside tables.  Language dependent
> code that does that can put its flags in lang_identifier, or else in
> the appropriate DECL node.

Sounds good, I look forward to it 8-) What do you intend to do about
all the code that does expect them to appear in tree slots?  It sounds
like a lot of work.

> Also, think about padding.  struct { char; tree; } is no smaller than
> struct { short; tree; } on any modern host.

? That's why I want e.g.

struct tree_decl
  tree chain;   // Maybe struct tree_decl chain;
  enum code;    // Single byte
  [...]		// Decl-specific stuff

and there is minimal padding, assuming the tree is laid out
intelligently so other char-ish things like flags come straight after
"code", like now.


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