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Thank you for your product suggestion

We want to personally thank you for submitting your suggestion to

When you contact Microsoft through this alias, your submission is
reviewed by a person on the "Wish" team and then routed to the group
that can best use your comment to improve our products or services.
Because of the volume this alias receives we cannot guarantee that you 
will receive a personal response, but rest assured that your submission
was received, reviewed, and routed.

Microsoft is committed to listening to our customers and improving our 
products and services based upon your wishes. When it is time for the
appropriate group to begin planning for a new product or service, or an
updated version of an existing product or service, your suggestion will
be reviewed by the department that implements those changes.

Although we are unable to reply individually to each suggestion we
receive, we appreciate your thoughts and opinions.

The Microsoft Product and Service Groups

Please note this is not a monitored alias and we are unable to respond 
to any additional inquiries.  To submit additional product feedback
suggestions, please visit If your request was
something other than a product suggestion, you will receive a separate 
reply with the appropriate information.

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