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reusing parts of gcc


My quenstions are:
Is it 

I'm working on a (C++) code completion plug-in for KDE's
KDevelop. Currently it works but the approach we're using
seems very limited to me. We need a more modular one.

We need to evaluate expression's result _type_. So we have
to parse an incomplete expression like "c = a.b->". The basic
idea is very simple but for doing this we have to pay attention to
_many_ C++ rules (impicit typecasts, overloaded functions and
operators and so forth). This would be a _lot_ of work - that has
already been done by you.

Furthermore we need a module that creates a kind of scope
tree that holds all information about all scopes in a document.
We already have somethig like this but it doesn't work so well,
yet. (It was originally written for another purpose.)

Maybe some thoughts come up to you how I could use existing
parts of the GCC for this. Either by modifying it or - better - using
existing modules (or something of both).

BTW: how much modular is the gcc really?

Thank's in advance


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