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Re: ICE in change_address at emit_rtl.c

On Fri, 23 Nov 2001, Neil Booth wrote:

> Hmm, OK, if you think it's possible too then it probably is.  I might
> have a stab at gradually removing it from the C and ObjC front ends
> after 3.1 has branched; it's not worth it now.  Does that seem a
> reasonable goal to you Joseph?

What of the other idea that has been discussed in the past, of typed error
marks (separate ones for erroneous types, erroneous decls, ...)?

We should first define the goals:

* How much do we want to help users by finding multiple errors in a single
compilation run (the point of not just stopping after the first error)?

* What should we not try to do after error?  For example, after error we
should not attempt to optimize or convert to RTL any later part of the
file, even if this means we miss some diagnostics; we should simply do the
basic parsing and error checking.  Are there other warning checks - beyond
the basic constraint checking required by the standard - which should be
disabled after error?

* On error, how far should we skip before trying to make sense of the code

Joseph S. Myers

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