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Re: ICE in change_address at emit_rtl.c

On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
>> 4916, 4821, 4734, 4684, 4613, 4612, 4611, 4410, 4297, 4916,
>> 4821, 4734, 4684, 4613, 4612, 4611, 4581, 4438, 4410, 4297

I found a bit more time:

4916: annoying report, apparently no attempt to minimize problem,
incorrect GNATS categories, could not properly obtain .i file from
web page.

4821: duplicate (ImageMagick, as usual); does not crash any longer.
I closed this report.

4734: Incomplete report and actually a duplicate.
I closed this report.

4684: A nice complete report, still a duplicate, and still solved.
I closed this report.

4613: I could reproduce this with the 2001-11-22 version of GCC on
the 3.0-branch on sparc-sun-solaris2.8.

I put this into "analysed" state, and you might want to escalate this,

4612: Fixed on the 3.0-branch and thus GCC 3.0.3.
Invalid code according to the compiler, so I changed this to
ice-on-illegal-code as well, and closed the report.

4611: I believe this to be fixed as well, but I do not have a
sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1 box left, so I cannot completely verify
that. We might put this into feedback mode after 3.0.3 is released
to have the submitter verify whether it's fixed or not.

4410 is a duplicate, I'm quite sure, but I didn't have time to find
the original.

Hopefully others will take care of the other reports. If not, I suggest
to send another mail to, and if nobody takes care of
testing these PRs, I'll try to do the remaining ones after my return.

Gerald "Jerry"

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