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Re: gcc-ss-20011119 is now available

<<DirecPC tells us for your $215 entrance fee and whatever per month you get
download only. You require a dedicated dial-up for your uplink.  The
installer came to our place and couldn't get a signal from the satellite.
This is not to say that your won't get a different story from each DirecPC
salesperson.  We're on the waiting list for a more competent installer, as
well as being on the waiting lists in case the DSL or cable providers begin
adding customers.  They've got plenty of time before they can expect any
competition from each other, and none is in a rush to provide service.  So,
please assume that we in the USA will continue to use V.34 dial-up, or V.90
when we're in the selected locations, for the foreseeable future.

That sounds like the old system. I thought DirectTV was providing a two
way system. Most certainly DISH does provide a two way system (Starband),
with no separate tel line needed).

Sure, there will be some people without broadband access, but they will
become a smaller minority among the developers as time goes on.

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