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Re: Moving C to its own directory (was Re: ObjC tree inlining)

Hmmm.  Joseph, I *think* I understand your question below... But would
you mind re-asking with a small, concrete example tree?  Then we can
use the dirs and files in that tree to a) make sure we've completely
understood the question, and b) answer it accurately.


"Joseph S. Myers" <> writes:
> On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, Branko [ISO-8859-2] Čibej wrote:
> > >When they get to beta I may do some trial conversions of our existing
> > >repository, time permitting.
> > >
> > We'll need a converter for that. cvs2svn is planned (for Beta, I think), 
> > but it's not very far along. Volunteers are welcome. :-)
> Can the Subversion version model handle multiple past development
> mainlines merging into one future mainline?
> We have at present the separate "gcc" and "src" repositories, which share
> some files - and some people would like to merge these into a single
> repository, but it would be desirable still to be able to check out either
> past tree on any tag or date from before the merge.  If Subversion
> supports this, conversion to Subversion would be a natural time to do the
> merge (since people would need to replace their working directories anyway
> at that time).
> That is, we'd have
>                       gcc 3.1 branch ---
>                       /
>                      /
> ----- gcc mainline ----------\
>                               ------ merged single mainline in SVN
> ----- src mainline ----------/
>                     \
>                      \
>                       binutils 2.12 branch ---
> and would want all of the merged single mainline and the past branches
> from the individual trees pre-merge to work.  (Presuming that before such
> a merge, all differences in common files are resolved and they are
> maintained in sync - though files deleted in the past in one or both trees
> might differ.)
> Can this be done in Subversion?  If not, it might still be the appropriate
> time to merge the repositories - but starting from only one repository's
> ,v file for each file that is or has been in both, putting copies of both
> repositories up for FTP in the appropriate old-releases directories (as
> should be done anyway at the time of the change), and manually touching up
> the files taken from one tree to have appropriate versions for the
> branches active in the other tree.
> -- 
> Joseph S. Myers
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