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Re: gcc-ss-20011119 is now available

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, David O'Brien wrote:

> But aren't there sufficient resources now that both the mainline and
> latest release branch could have periodic snapshots?

Space on the ftp disk is limited at present, I think.  Since the snapshots
are using the gcc_release script the space required for them has already
doubled since there are now .bz2 files (I originally made them optional in
the script, then Mark simplified it by removing the option and always
creating them).

The script would need to be made able to take its state (dates of previous
two snapshots) from some directory other than ~.

When making the changes (maybe for starting with the 3.1 release cycle if
there's a new sourceware machine by then with more disk space), try to
ensure that the first release-branch snapshot of a release cycle will
properly have its diffs generated from the previous mainline snapshot (it
can have them from the old branch snapshot as well if you want, though
diffs from one release branch to the next don't make much sense - the
script supports generating diffs from multiple previous versions - but it
should definitely have them from the mainline version just before it

> I would like to get 3.0.3-inprogress in more people's hands thru the
> FreeBSD ports system, and right now there aren't any usable tarballs to
> do this with.

It's expected that serious development use (including people distributing
any form of packaged version) is from CVS, not snapshots.  You can always
tag and build and distribute your own tarballs using the gcc_release

Joseph S. Myers

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