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Re: anoncvs access

On Nov 20, 2001, Paul Koning <> wrote:

> I'm trying for anonymous CVS access to the GCC CVS tree, but it's not
> working...  When I do the "cvs login" I get a prompt for password, but
> then things hang.

That's because there's a limit on the number of concurrent anoncvs
accesses.  If more concurrent accesses are attempted at the same time,
excess connections are held in a queue (if I understand it correctly)
so that they are eventually granted access, unless they time out
first.  Unfortunately, it appears that `cvs login' times out too fast,
so the solution is probably to keep trying.

> My system is behind a NAT box.  Could that be the reason?

Unlikely, but not totally impossible.  Check whether you can connect
to the pserver port; if you can, it has nothing to do with NAT.  FWIW,
I can access the CVS server from behind a NAT box (Red Hat Linux 7.2
with ipchains), both pserver and SSH.

> If so, is there a workaround (other than "don't do that")?

Well, if all you want is to get read access to the CVS tree, you could
CVSup or rsync the CVS repo to your own disk, then do local check

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