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Re: Enough already! (Re: PROPOSAL: Objective-C++ )

> > So I'd say it's is up to the C++ maintainers to approve any patches
> > that are not in ObjC-specific code,  If those changes are reasonable,
> > then I'd be in favor.
> I would oppose Obj-C++ patches that are in the form of changes to
> the C++ front end analogous to what is presently done in C.  I
> would support patches to combine the C and C++ front ends, and
> then get Obj-C++ as something closer to a side-effect.
> In general, I would oppose anything that makes it notably harder to
> merge the C and C++ front end, or that duplicates additional code
> across those front ends.

I appreciate your concern for architectural issues and I hope you can
convince those Apple folks to merge/add ObjC++ in the right way.
But I must say that I would be extremely disappointed by the SC if Apple
offered to donate one of its diamonds - the Objective-C++ compiler - to
the GNU project - and the GCC SC would refuse to accept it ... it would be
nearly ridicolous.

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