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Re: Bugzilla features

On 19 Nov 2001, Matthew P. Barnson wrote:

>   OK, you can just modify the header via our administration interface in
> the "editparams.cgi" script.  There's an option there for the "To:" and
> "From:" headers so you can chop them up how you'd like -- change "From:"
> to "", then set up your Bugzilla procmail filters on
> that alias.  Trivial, really.
>   There's this little part of me that cringes at seeing Bugzilla being
> called gnats, but that's just me :)

Bugzilla doesn't need to call itself GNATS here - we could more cleanly
have gcc-gnats as the compatibility address that handles converting
messages that are follow-ups to GNATS PRs or new submissions via the
existing gccbug script, and have gcc-bugzilla (maybe multiple such
addresses for new submissions, follow-ups, control messages, ...,
depending on how it works) be the address appearing in messages Bugzilla
generates.  (In principle the correct thing to do is for messages to have
in their From headers both the Bugzilla address and the address of the
person who made the change / PR submission that generated the message -
perfectly valid according to RFC822/2822, but I don't know if it would
cause problems with any mail clients.)

Joseph S. Myers

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