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Re: altivec triplets: comments?

On Nov 18, 2001, Geoff Keating <> wrote:

> That means something different.  The triplet we want isn't saying that
> the processor has the altivec instructions, but that the libc has been
> compiled for the altivec ABI.

I see.

>> Indeed.  I don't recall any precedent to changing the triplet to
>> accomodate an ABI change.  Most often, trailing text has been added to
>> indicate a change in object format, not ABI.

> That's exactly what the '2.2' means in 'powerpc-linux-gnulibc2.2'; it
> indicates an ABI change.

Good point.  You got my buy-in :-)

But where are we going to add altivec in powerpc-linux-gnulibc2.2?
Between gnu and libc, or after it?  I'd rather see something like:




But I'm not sure this won't get config.sub confused.

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