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Moving C to its own directory (was Re: ObjC tree inlining)

On Sun, Nov 18, 2001 at 04:59:53PM +0000, Neil Booth wrote:
> c-lang.c is C only.  I think it would be good to create a C directory
> for the C front end to dispel confusion like this.  It might also help
> towards making C just another front end, rather than the somewhat
> special status it currently has.  What do you think Joseph?

The usual objection to this is that it makes CVS history browsing more
difficult,e.g., the problems discussed in

No matter which of the two or three methods of moving files we use, at
least one CVS operation will be much harder.

I raise this objection only to get it out of the way; personally I feel
we should just bite the bullet and move the files.  But I won't be nearly
as affected by the change as others.


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