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Re: Deprecating -traditional has passed the SC

> On Sat, 17 Nov 2001, Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:
> > The GCC Steering Committee has voted to deprecate -traditional in gcc
> > version 3.1 with the caveats that:

Joseph Myers writes:
> Is this intended for removal in 3.2 (that is, a deprecation message
> "-traditional is deprecated and will be removed in GCC 3.2", with the
> actual removal on the mainline any time after 3.1 branches), or some
> indeterminate future version?  If 3.2, shouldn't the deprecation message
> go in 3.0.3 as well, to give people more warning?

We decided we didn't want to make a significant functional change in
3.0.x, so the deprecation warning wouldn't go on until 3.1.

Remember, warnings turn into errors if -Werror is used, so a new warning
will break compiles for anyone who uses -Werror.

> > 2.  We'll reverse course if a volunteer steps forward to support
> >     -traditional in glibc.
> A volunteer for this would not necessarily mean that the glibc maintainers
> would have any interest in accepting a patch to support -traditional in
> glibc.

Full reversal of course would depend on the glibc folks indicating that
they would accept the work.

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