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Re: ObjC tree inlining

Alexandre Oliva wrote:-

> On Nov 18, 2001, Neil Booth <> wrote:
> > However, nothing equivalent exists for ObjC (or C++ for that matter).
> > Should ObjC and C++ have this?
> I copied this from C++.  IIRC, c-lang.c applies to objc too, so it's
> already got it.  If not, feel free to correct my mistake.

c-lang.c is C only.  I think it would be good to create a C directory
for the C front end to dispel confusion like this.  It might also help
towards making C just another front end, rather than the somewhat
special status it currently has.  What do you think Joseph?

As for C++, like you said, I found some of the code in cp/decl.c.
However, it is not conditional on flag_instrument_function_entry_exit
like it is in c-lang.c.  -finstrument-functions is listed as language
independent.  Does this mean that the whole block of code should be in
process_options() in toplev.c where it is language independent?  If
not, why does this conditionality apply to C and ObjC only?


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