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Re: Last alignment change for MEM tracking

    This patch, and the preceding patches in the sequence, seem to be
    making (when taken together) major changes to GCC.  

I didn't view it as a major change, which we've defined as things like
adding new optimization passes or rewriting significant parts of the compiler,
though I agree it's near that threshold.

    This time, it seems like _every_ platform broke.  

No.  What happened was a procedural error where some of the file I
changed in my tree didn't get committed.  That breakage lasted about
90 minutes.  There were still a handful of places where trivial
changes needed to be made for some of the other platforms and apparently
one bug that shows up on two platforms.

    Even if you didn't consider these patches major changes, you would
    surely be aware that the last few patches in the sequence caused
    problems on a number of platforms, 

Actually, I don't remember it that way.  My recollection was that there
were very few problems, perhaps just one or two along the way.  I actually
expected this change to be *least* problematic.

I'm sorry about the trouble this caused.  It should all be fixed in
a few hours, for a breakage of under 12 hours.

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