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Re: Backward Compatibility of Gcc complier

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> Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 14:04:22 +1000

> I have a situation when we installed gcc 2.953 on a new Solaris 2.8
> server. However, when we compile some "old" programs which has been
> working in the old server (Solaris 2.5) we got compilation errors
> like headers not found. There seems to be some headers missing in
> the new compiler when we compare the headers files. I am not able to
> ascertain the version of the compiler in the old server but it was
> installed a few years ogo.  Is there a backward compatibility
> problem with the gcc compiler ??

You neglected to give the errors you saw.  They actually are helpful
in helping you.  In fact, you neglected to say what language even.
Without them, we probably can't help you.

You can compile in the old environment with -E and see where the
headers are coming from and let us know that also.

For example, if unistd.h is in /usr/include on the old system, but not
in /usr/include on the new system, then the problem is with your OS
not providing that header, not with gcc.  gcc (the C language) provide
exceptionally few headers.  GNU C++ provides far more.  If they are
from libg++, then, you will have to convert your software to not use
that library, or to find that library, install it and arrange to use
it.  Another possibility was a header that was non-standard that we've
removed in newer releases.  If that is the case, you will have to
increase the standards compliance of your code.

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