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A much needed simplification of g77 and libf2c's Makefiles.


The in the gcc/f directory and the's in libf2c
and its subdirectories contain (a lot of instances of) the following

        case "$(LANGUAGES)" in \
          *[fF]77*) $(STAMP) lang-f77;; \
          *) rm -f lang-f77;; \
        if [ -f lang-f77 ]; then \
	  ... do something ...; \
        else true; fi

I get the impression that this code is a left-over from the days that
LANGUAGES="foo,bar,baz" dictated which languages got build and that the
writer of the Fortran Makefiles (probably Dave Love) wanted to prevent
all sort of actions (like building the Fortran run-time library) when
f77 wasn't part of LANGUAGES.

Now that this mechanism has been deprecated, it might make sense to
remove this stuff from the various Fortran Makefiles.

I plan to do this, unless someone comes up with a very good reason not

Thanks in advance for any insight offered.

Toon Moene - - phoneto: +31 346 214290
Saturnushof 14, 3738 XG  Maartensdijk, The Netherlands
Maintainer, GNU Fortran 77:
Join GNU Fortran 95: (under construction)

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