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Re: PROPOSAL: Objective-C++

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I know nothing about Objective-C, so I have only two comments:

> easier from then on.  The idea is to change gcc/cp/parse.y
> to gcc/cp/, and then use sed to separate out
> the C++ and Objective-C++ portions of the Yacc file,
> _exactly_ as is presently being done with C and Objective-C.

Are you aware of the cp-parser-branch?  The current parse.y is on its
way out.

> The good news about adding Objective-C++ to gcc is that
> very little actual new code will be required!  Most of the
> functionality already exists in the cp/ and objc/ folders. :)

What kind of library support is required by Objective-C++?  No changes
at all, or a few tweaks to libstdc++-v3, or an entirely new libstdobjc++
library, or what?  :-)  Again, I know nothing about the language, so this
question may be completely moot.


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