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GCC g77 mail address

The following is an excerpt from the aliases file for

  # GNU Fortran mailing lists
  # Contact (aka
  # regarding all GNU Fortran stuff here

  # GNU Fortran developers
  g77-dev:        /com/archive/g77-dev,

  # GNU Fortran alpha testers
  # Moved to a separate file by thomas; the list was nearing the limit.
  g77-alpha:       :include:/com/mailer/g77-alpha

  # GNU Fortran bug investigators, people willing to have burley forward
  # email sent to him about g77 bugs that he can't deal with right now.
  # Not really a public list.  I put it in an include file because I'm
  # adding names frequently right now, and there's not enough disk space
  # to keep making backup copies of aliases. (burley 1995-09-23)
  g77-bug:        /com/archive/g77-bug,

This definitely is not correct.

Toon, if you want me to remove these, I can do that, though we/you
probably should send a final message to all three list before closing

Gerald "Jerry"

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