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Re: auto-sync of top-level 'include' & 'config' directories?

On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 12:28:40PM +1300, Bryce McKinlay wrote:
> >Unless someone knows a good reason to avoid use of system iconv on
> >some platforms, I would have it default to using system iconv
> >(possibly in libc), and not distinguishing between system-provided
> >libiconv and user-installed libiconv.
> >
> On some systems (eg Solaris), the system iconv is buggy, so it would be 
> nice to be able to override the system implementation with the in-tree 
> libiconv in those cases. We already have a bunch of workarounds in GCJ 
> and libjava to deal with the Solaris iconv.

Do you happen to know if buggy system-provided iconv()s are common or
rare?  If they're just about all buggy, it would make sense to act
like libintl does now and use the bundled version except with GNU
libc.  If they're mostly okay, we just need to blacklist Solaris.

[ Question for the *BSD people: does your libc include gettext and
  iconv?  Either integrally or as separate but system-provided
  libraries.  If so, it's probably safe to assume they work, and we
  should use 'em, assuming feature compatibility.  I don't think we're
  using any of the snazzy additional features of GNU gettext
  (e.g. pluralization) but we might want to in the future... ]


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