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Re: final install problems

> 	I believe that AIX /usr/ucb/install and /usr/bin/installbsd accept
> the switches but the implemented semantics do not match some GNU
> assumption with respect to ownership or permissions.  I don't remember the
> details. 

It appears that only -c and -m are used in GCC's installation.

For BSD install, the default is to delete the original file and -c
suppresses it.  For GNU install, -c is a no-op and the default is
not to delete the original, therefore every install command must include
the -c switch.

We never use the -o flag, so I don't think that differences with respect
to ownership will matter (I can't imagine AIX install would change
ownership on its own).  Perhaps there's a difference if -m is not
specified?  (I can see two reasonable behaviors: preserve permission or
use the umask of the person running the command).

> 	One needs an "execute" test, not a "link" / "prototype" test.

OK, but on systems like Solaris and AIX, I think we need to look
for /usr/ucb/install even if /usr/ucb is not on the path.

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