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Re: powerpc & unaligned block moves with fp registers

> 	This seems like a complete kludge to me.  "Customer wants strict
> alignment for FPRs but not GPRs".

Yup, but I have no control over the system they're running.

> 	Hopefully we can find a way to have the alignment requirement
> coincide with the performance issue that Zack, Dale, and I are pursuing.

That would be good.

> 	I don't really follow this.  Why would 64-bit integers be
> misaligned? 

struct {
  char a;
  long long j;
} x __attribute__((packed));

> 	Okay.  It is unfortunate that whatever is generating the
> memory-to-memory move and calling movdi did not first check MOVE_MAX.

I think it's more fundamental than that.  The tree for the struct is
tagged as DI instead of BLK.  That shuts off the move_by_pieces logic
completely.  (at least, that's what it looked like)

> If not that, then your patch to rs6000_emit_move() needs to use
> SLOW_UNALIGNED_ACCESS macro instead of hardcoding the alignment for this
> one particular move.

I like that idea, but there still needs to be a way to configure
SLOW_UNALIGNED_ACCESS depending on the cpu/os you have.

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