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Re: Alias analysis and C++. Was: Re: [BusyBox] Re: Long term code...

> Seriously, Jan has already made some good progress (excellent!) and I'm
> still hoping that this alias analysis issue with C++ will be satisfactorily
> solved in time for 3.1: it seems to me that it is not just a matter of

Don't rely too much on me in this case.  I've fixed the overhemly conservative
predicate, but it don't help in your testcase, but it helps in others that
do use arrays itself (not hid inside structure).

I understand briefly how the base classes are determined, but there are number
of dificult details most probably behind my experinece in C++ frontend..
Sadly :(

> improving the optimization of a short testcase, but something from which
> many common loop patterns may appreciably benefit.
> What I cannot understand at all at this point is how *much* work is needed,
> that is how much infrastructure is already present and only in need of
> debugging and refinements, and how much has to be written from scratch...
> Cheers,
> Paolo Carlini.

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