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RE: gcc web pages: feature / version matching?

> On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, Joe Buck wrote:
> >> The GCC home page features a list of news items:
> >> so-and-so has contributed such-and-such a new
> >> feature, or infrastructure change, or whatever.
> >> These are usually linked to more detailed pages
> >> that explain what the new code does. So far, so
> >> good. But these announcements never seem to say
> >> "... and version 3.1 will make use of the new code"
> >> or "... but at the moment it still needs a lot of
> >> integration, so you shouldn't expect to see the
> >> benefits until version 4.9.13".

(Actually, that was me.)

> As Joe noticed we cannot easily do the latter, however, thanks to our
> new, more regular release schedule and development process, in several
> cases we should more are less be able to predict the former.
> For example, in the case of the CRIS, C inliner, or Ada announcements,
> these most probably will be part of GCC 3.1.
> That is, ou can (most of the time) assume that changes announced there
> will be part of the next major release, but I'll try to have an eye on
> that and, for example, explicitely note when we already know that
> something is *not* going to be part of the next release.

Great. It might be worth having a one-liner on the same page
as the announcements saying that new stuff usually arrives in
the next major release.


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