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Re: final install problems

On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 11:07:37PM -0600, David wrote:
> Upon a apparent successfull build of GCC-3.0.2 I attempt to go to the objdir
> which happens to be '/usr/gcc' on this machine and attempt 'make install' upon
> this is the output:  The rest of this will be all output from the command
> issued.  Again the actaul 'make bootstrap' appeared to go smoothly with only a
> few small errors like unexpected tokens, but the install exited just as any

"unexpected tokens"?  That might be harmless and then again it might
be very bad.  Please post an example of these error messages.

>    /X/install -c c++filt /usr/local/bin/`t='s,x,x,'; echo c++filt | sed $t`

> /X/install: Installation: command not found
> /X/install: The: command not found
> /X/install: 1: command not found

You have a program on your system named /X/install.  It was found by
the configure script; presumably /X is in your PATH.  However,
/X/install does not do what GCC's installation procedure expects it
to.  In fact, the error messages make me think that it is not a
program at all, but a piece of documentation, which the system is
trying to execute as if it were a shell script.  This is of course
doomed to failure.

/X is not a standard directory on any Unix-like system I am familar
with.  Therefore I have no idea what its contents are, but I strongly
suspect that it should not be included in your PATH.  Try taking it
out and rebuilding GCC from scratch.


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