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Re: gcc web pages: feature / version matching?

On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, Joe Buck wrote:
>> The GCC home page features a list of news items:
>> so-and-so has contributed such-and-such a new
>> feature, or infrastructure change, or whatever.
>> These are usually linked to more detailed pages
>> that explain what the new code does. So far, so
>> good. But these announcements never seem to say
>> "... and version 3.1 will make use of the new code"
>> or "... but at the moment it still needs a lot of
>> integration, so you shouldn't expect to see the
>> benefits until version 4.9.13".

As Joe noticed we cannot easily do the latter, however, thanks to our
new, more regular release schedule and development process, in several
cases we should more are less be able to predict the former.

For example, in the case of the CRIS, C inliner, or Ada announcements,
these most probably will be part of GCC 3.1.

That is, ou can (most of the time) assume that changes announced there
will be part of the next major release, but I'll try to have an eye on
that and, for example, explicitely note when we already know that
something is *not* going to be part of the next release.

Gerald "Jerry"

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