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Robert Dewar wrote:
> Actually the changes are more frequent than you think, individual tests
> get updated and corrected quite frequently.

Since the release of ACATS 2.4, 6 monthes ago, ~ 20 tests have been
modified, 3 removed, ~ 20 added. No big deal for a test suite of a few
thousand tests :). I follow closely the ACATS since november of last
year (the announce list is public as are the tests).

> But it seems reasonable to have stuff prechopped, and indeed to throw out
> the sillier tests that require peculiar harnesses.

Okay. I'll document everything thrown out anyway.

> One point here is that if you include the Btests, the base lines for the
> B tests change frequently. Probably it is good enough to just include
> the A tests and C tests.

In my plans posted last year I said I won't handle B tests, since
these do require *significant* maintenance. If someone volunteers,
I'll help him/her setup the beast, and we'll probably have to ask ACT
for their current split and output baseline.

> Well if you say C tests, surely you mean A tests as well, they are certainly
> just as easy to set up!

I include A, C, D, E and L tests (let's say they are all C tests in the sense
they're something to execute after compiling :).

Richard Kenner wrote:
> Also the B tests are nearly all front-end tests and that's not the
> important part of the test suite.

... for the common GCC backend, we agree. For work on error messages
or error recovery in the Ada front-end, it would be nice to be able to
run the B tests with and without a patch and just look at the
impact. If someone outside ACT wants to work on error things, I'll
work on that (for this we need no baseline, so no maintenance

PS: I'm on vacation from tomorrow morning (well ooops today now :) to
Monday 05Nov2001 and mostly without net access.

Laurent Guerby <>

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