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Re: [wwwdocs] Initial criteria.html (was Re: Where's the currentlist of release criteria?)

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> * "Java Front-End Garbage Collection" is no longer an appropriate item.
> "Installation Documentation" and "GCC Support Library" may well no longer
> be.

I believe non of the latter two is -- "Installation Documentation"
definitely has been resolved (at least in the meaning of criteria.html).

> Given that the development plan is based on dates, and the date for
> major new features has passed, it might be better to start that section
> with "Open Bugs" only and then consider whether there are any features
> that need to be done.

Good idea.

> * Chill should probably not be mentioned at all (unless our volunteer does
> the necessary work in time).


> * Regression testing is presumably based primarily on regressions from
> 3.0.x.  Do we try to avoid regressions from 2.95.x as well?

Of course. I'd say, a regression from 2.95.x is even worse than one
from 3.0.x.

> * At least two of the listed open issues should go away: -fstrict-aliasing
> and setjmp/longjmp exception-handling.


If one of you wants to make the changes above, these are pre-approved;
else I'll try to do it tomorrow from work.

Gerald "Jerry"

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