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Re: GCC 3.0.2 and BSD Make

> > This is not a decision; it is simply a fact.  The Makefiles do not
> > work with BSD make not because we tried to break them; they just
> > don't work.
> Or, phrased slightly differently: It doesn't work because no one
> contributed the testing resources to ensure that it stayed working
> and/or because no one contributed the fixes to make it work, as
> regressions hit the tree.

In case any BSD'er (and it doesn't have to be a compiler stud) would
like a little project, I'll offer that I've found a cron job that does
a nightly pull, build, and test to be rather effective in solving this
sort of issue.  Armed with the ChangeLog for that day, you can generally
figure out the source of the breakage and get it identified closer to
the source rather than awaiting the final stretch of a release to expose

I've found those that accidentally hose my target are generally quite
responsive when contacted the day after the change was committed.  I
tend to have more compute cycles than cereberal cycles available so
this spares me from having to do extensive debugging over months worth
of changes and the person that recently did the work still has the
intellectualization of the surrounding context in their cereberal cache.


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