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RE: gcc web pages: feature / version matching?

> > The GCC home page features a list of news items:
> > so-and-so has contributed such-and-such a new
> > feature, or infrastructure change, or whatever.
> > These are usually linked to more detailed pages
> > that explain what the new code does. So far, so
> > good. But these announcements never seem to say
> > "... and version 3.1 will make use of the new code"
> > or "... but at the moment it still needs a lot of
> > integration, so you shouldn't expect to see the
> > benefits until version 4.9.13".
> This is because, at the time these announcements are made,
> we typically don't know the answers to such questions.
> One thing, however, that you can assume is that if only
> the third number changes (e.g. 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2),
> you will not normally see new features, but only bug fixes.

sure. I was thinking more of "we currently think this
might get integrated some time around version x.y.z"
rather than "we absolutely guarantee that this will be
in version x.y.z"!

> > Presumably readers shouldn't assume that every
> > feature mentioned in the announcements will be
> > present in the next version of GCC (since, e.g.,
> > such announcements often occur between successive
> > 0.0.1 releases); there seems to be no way of telling
> > when they are expected to appear. (Or even, for older
> > announcements, whether they're in already.)
> For releases that are already out, the release notes (e.g. the NEWS
> file and/or the release announcement) will list such things.

I was thinking that having the mapping from features
to versions as well as the mapping from versions to
features would be nice, at least in cases where there's
a whole page all about some particular new or nascent

Anyway, this is only a WIBNI...


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