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gcc web pages: feature / version matching?

The GCC web pages are excellent in almost every way.
I have a small suggestion (well, perhaps it's not
as small as it seems) which, if followed, would make
them more informative.

The GCC home page features a list of news items:
so-and-so has contributed such-and-such a new
feature, or infrastructure change, or whatever.
These are usually linked to more detailed pages
that explain what the new code does. So far, so
good. But these announcements never seem to say
"... and version 3.1 will make use of the new code"
or "... but at the moment it still needs a lot of
integration, so you shouldn't expect to see the
benefits until version 4.9.13".

Presumably readers shouldn't assume that every
feature mentioned in the announcements will be
present in the next version of GCC (since, e.g.,
such announcements often occur between successive
0.0.1 releases); there seems to be no way of telling
when they are expected to appear. (Or even, for older
announcements, whether they're in already.)

It would be very helpful to have a brief note on
each feature's page -- and preferably on the front
page too -- saying when the feature was / is planned
to be integrated into a GCC release.

Gareth McCaughan

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