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emacs21 and -z nocombreloc

   On Debian sid we just recently enabled -z combreloc on supported
arches for our binutils. It has been found that emacs21 fails to
build now because gcc doesn't parse -z nocombreloc. It seems that
option only exists for ld and not gcc. Is that true? What are other
distros that have combreloc enabled doing to build emacs? Using ld
instead for linking temacs so -z nocombreloc will parse? I eliminate
the -z nocombreloc I get the following emacs failure on gcc 2.95.4

./temacs --batch --load loadup bootstrap
emacs: Memory exhausted--use M-x save-some-buffers RET
make[2]: *** [bootstrap-emacs] Error 1

during the build process. Any idea what the best approach is to
solve this if you want your distro to have -z combreloc enabled
in general?
          Thanks in advance for any advice.
Jack W. Howarth, Ph.D.                                    231 Albert Sabin Way
NMR Facility Director                              Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0524
Dept. of Molecular Genetics                              phone: (513) 558-4420
Univ. of Cincinnati College of Medicine                    fax: (513) 558-8474

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