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Re: [BusyBox] Re: Long term code compactness regression

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> From: "Jan Hubicka" <>
> To: "Tim Prince" <>
> Cc: "Jan Hubicka" <>; "Paolo Carlini" <>;
> "David Schleef" <>; <>
> Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2001 10:33 AM
> Subject: Re: [BusyBox] Re: Long term code compactness regression
> > > I checked this morning, with last week's gcc-3.1 snapshot.  A few
> cases
> > > with g77 have slowed down in recent weeks.  The worst examples of
> > In what testcases g77 slowed down recently?
> >
> The Livermore Fortran Kernels 4 and 10 both slowed down more than 15%
> since 6 weeks ago, with gcc-3.1 on my P-III laptop.  Kernel 8 is the
> worst example where -O2 is slower than -Os.  Kernel 10 also is slower
> at -O2.  I'll look more closely at this when I have time.
Richard made some changes to strength reduction.  I guess the analyzis
behaves crazilly that causes strength reduction to do nasty thinks.

I've made some improvements to early dead code removal as side effect
of my webizer pass, but it looks that it will not get in, as it can
get obsoletted by SSA, but thats behind 3.1 horizont...

I will try to compare the difference. 
Thanks for letting me know!


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