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Re: GCC 3.0.2 and BSD Make

> Well, that's not exactly a great way to release a version of gcc. It
> implies dependencies on gnu make, which means that other kinds of make
> on other platforms might also break attempting to build.

Standard litany: GCC is a volunteer project, if volunteers care to fix
this, great; if not, oh well.  Loren tried, but he wasn't successful;
knowing Loren, that means it's hard, but I suspect that he will
succeed shortly.

We have actually though about formally requiring GNU Make; there a lot
of ways in which this would make things easier.  Personally, I don't
find the bootstrapping argument too persuasive; after all, GNU Make
builds with any C compiler, and you could always build a cross-compiler
to build it, and nowadays very few people are bootstrapping raw systems
from scratch.  But, the BSD people disagree with me, which is fine,
and what's more the majority of the SC disagrees with me, which is
also fine, so we will continue to attempt to support any POSIX make
for the forseeable future.

> Anyway, I've said my peace.

Interesting pun. :-)

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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