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Re: New C++ Parser - not in gcc 3.1 ?

Alfred Minarik wrote:

> As GCC 3.1 Phase 1 ended Oct 15 2001 do we realy have to wait till
> GCC 3.2 (release Oct 15 2002) to get this improvement, which as far as I
> can see is already working on the cp-parser branch.
> Even last month Mark Mitchell wrote:
> >True.  TO that end, it would be nice if people would not push everything
> >up against the deadline.  But, realistically, they will -- heck, I
> >may do it myself with the new parser! -- so I bet there will be some
> >chaos for a week or two around that point.  I think we'll be able to
> >sort it out.
> I think the merge should still be possible asap now,
> except Mark does not want to do so on technical reasons.

ehm.... did you really try it?? I did.
My first impressions are that it is indeed a wonderful project, already almost
feature complete (the last time I checked there were only 4 or 5 remaining FAILs
and (!) 29 XPASSes), but Mark and Nathan have yet to improve its speed to make
it practically usable.

The word to Mark Mitchell, now.

> Only a note from an interested lurker.

Another one!


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