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Re: Access to spec2000

From: Rayson Ho <>
> > GPL allows source code to be re-distributed, since spec2000 has code
> > that is GPL (e.g. gcc, gzip, mesa, perl, etc...), are we allowed to
> > upload the GPL source to a public ftp site??

Mike Stump writes:
> This is the wrong forum for this.  Try gnu.misc.discuss.

Well, I can give an answer anyway.  The parts of spec2000 that are free
software already exist on FTP sites, but anyone attempting to post the
tests that use that software (what part to compile, what input data to
use, how to compute the result) would necessarily violate their license
agreement with the spec people.  It's legal for the spec people to do this
(use GPL software in a proprietary context) because of the GPL's "mere
aggregation" clause: the testbench is proprietary even though it uses free
code; the free code is always in separate programs.

It would probably help the GCC project more if more people who have
spec licenses would devote some CPU cycles to computing spec results.
If you're interested, you may be able to re-use the scripts that Diego
Novillo and Andreas Jaeger are using.  See

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