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Re: Idea, and obstacle.

    > Someone had the idea of making an alias for
    >, for each GNU package FOO.  It seems like a
    > very convenient idea [...]

    Excellent!  (Though I admit I'm biased because I suggested this as well,
    last week or so. ;-) )

I got the suggestion from Brad--maybe it originally came from you.
Please forgive me for not knowing.

    > We could make an exception and leave untouched, as it is
    > now.  That is not hard to do, and it would almost work, but not
    > entirely--because the pages on are not in the same style
    > as the pages, and don't have the same links, etc.
    > Is there any way to win?

    1. We could leave untouched (at least for now) and address the
    style issues, incrementally?

If people are willing to do this, it certainly won't be terribly hard
work, and it will solve the problem.

    2. In general, I recommend to use DNS more fine-grained than we currently
    do, by having,,, and
    so forth; similarily for other projects.

We don't want to have because we want our lists to be, but other names such as and might be a reasonable idea.  I will pass this
suggestion to the savannah people.

Joseph Myers wrote:

    It should also be possible to arrange for requests to a IP
    address to be routed to different machines depending on the requested

If this is affirmed to be a workable solution, it could be ok.

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