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Re: Idea, and obstacle.

On Sat, 20 Oct 2001, Richard Stallman wrote:
> Someone had the idea of making an alias for
>, for each GNU package FOO.  It seems like a
> very convenient idea [...]

Excellent!  (Though I admit I'm biased because I suggested this as well,
last week or so. ;-) )

> If we changed to be an alias for, like the
> other names, I think everything other than WWW on using
> would cease to work.  That is no good.

We could relatively easily, that is, with a few simple changes, keep mail

After pondering a bit, though, I believe that in fact WWW (gnatsweb,
mailing list archives,...) is one of, if not the single, hardest thing
to deal with correctly.  For the mailing list archives, for example, it
is critical to keep old addresses as there are lots of references in
bug reports, patches, etc.

> We could make an exception and leave untouched, as it is
> now.  That is not hard to do, and it would almost work, but not
> entirely--because the pages on are not in the same style
> as the pages, and don't have the same links, etc.
> Is there any way to win?

1. We could leave untouched (at least for now) and address the
style issues, incrementally?

2. In general, I recommend to use DNS more fine-grained than we currently
do, by having,,, and
so forth; similarily for other projects.

That way, one can easily move single services among hosts (like CVS from
some non-FSF CVS server to subversions, from subversions to savannah,
etc., or just move GNATS).

Combining 1. and 2., we could incrementally make GCC (and other projects)
more "portable" and flexible in the mid term.

Gerald "Jerry"

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