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Re: Soft floating point emulation problems

On Mon, 22 Oct 2001 wrote:

> The parameters I have used for configuration were the following:
> configure \
>         arm-linux \
>         --build=i686-linux \
>         --prefix=$PREFIX/arm-linux \
>         --program-prefix=$PROGRAMDIR \
>         --enable-add-ons \
>         --enable-kernel=2.4.2 \
>         --with-headers=$KERNELINCLUDES \
>         --without-fp \
>          -v 2>&1 | tee configure.out
> I first generated a glibc (just typing make, with the default
> Makefiles). First problem, it seems that the --without-fp has not the
> expected effects, has the generated libraries contained a lot of
> floating point instructions (it can be checked by typing
> arm-linux-objdump -d)...
> Does anyone know where could I find a set of floating-point
> instructions library ?

If you are using a Linux kernel is there a particular reason you are not
using the software floating point emulation (NWFPE) in the kernel?  If you
build this in your kernel, then you will not need to build gcc with
--without-fp on arm-linux.  Which should make things easier.


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