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Re: Soft floating point emulation problems writes:

|> >1) Are you sure these are really instructions in the code, and not
|> >constants in constant pools?  The latter is quite probable, and the
|> >disassembler can't tell this (find the object file containing this
|> >instructions, compile the file to assembly and look for the same
|> >instructions in the output file).
|> - Yes, there is code at this location.
|> ...
|>  270:   ea0000ac        b       2b8 <__cbrt+0x2b8>
|>  274:   3fc29801        swicc   0x00c29801
|>  278:   e893366d        ldmia   r3, {r0, r2, r3, r5, r6, r9, sl, ip, sp}
|>  27c:   3fe91e2a        swicc   0x00e91e2a
|>  280:   6fe7e984        swivs   0x00e7e984
|>  284:   bffd5ae6        swilt   0x00fd5ae6
|>  288:   cfa20f0c        swigt   0x00a20f0c
|>  28c:   40039350        andmi   r9, r3, r0, asr r3
|>  290:   adad51ec        stfges  f5, [sp, #944]!
|>  294:   c000eb82        andgt   lr, r0, r2, lsl #23
|>  298:   77cd8d5d        undefined
|>  29c:   3ff8218d        swicc   0x00f8218d
|>  2a0:   de9028b4        mrcle   8, 4, r2, cr0, cr4, {5}
|>  2a4:   3fd6b69c        swicc   0x00d6b69c
|>  2a8:   ba168ff2        blt     5a4278 <__cbrt+0x5a4278>

The data looks very much like floating point constants.  The fact that one
of the "instructions" is undefined makes it unlikely to be real code.

|>  2b8:   e91babf0        ldmdb   fp, {r4, r5, r6, r7, r8, r9, fp, sp, pc}

The marked branch insn above is jumping around the constant pool.


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