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Re: Soft floating point emulation problems

> Even if the process dramatically reduced the number of floating points instructions, there are still a few ones...where they should not be (AFAIK)!!!
> For example, in the library libm.a, there are 3 stf instructions.
> arm-linux/lib/libm.a
>  290:   adad51ec        stfges  f5, [sp, #944]!
>  308:   bd241146        stflts  f1, [r4, -#280]!
>  470:   bd241146        stflts  f1, [r4, -#280]!
> I am quite confused !
> I am wondering if I should have had generated gcc itsel with some kind of -msoft-float option (it was generated with -nfp in the configuration script).
> Maybe is it a gcc configuration bug ?
> Has anyone information about this problem ?
> Does anyone know where could I find a set of floating-point instructions library ?

1) Are you sure these are really instructions in the code, and not 
constants in constant pools?  The latter is quite probable, and the 
disassembler can't tell this (find the object file containing this 
instructions, compile the file to assembly and look for the same 
instructions in the output file).

2) If they are real FP instructions, are they coming from asm statements 
in the source?


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