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Re: Copyright forms for new contributor?

<<I was surprised to see that the Ada files weren't copyright FSF.

All the files that were originally developed at NYU have the FSF copyright,
reflecting the assignment of copyright (required by the federal contract)
from NYU to the FSF. Some files developed subsequently have an ACT 
copyright , but that simply reflects a temporary situation that existed,
and we will ensure that the copyright notices are updated to reflect FSF
copyright ownership, reflecting the assignment, now in place, from ACT to
the FSF.

The FSU (Florida State University) copyrights are another matter. These
do represent work done by Ted Baker's group at FSU. They cover the 
tasking parts of the runtime, and neither FSU nor Ted wanted to 
assign the copyright to FSF (Ted wanted specifically to have a clear
record of the FSU involvement). I did discuss this with Richard Stallman
at the time, and he indicated that he did not feel it was a problem. In
the event that it does turn out to be a problem, we can simply remove
the tasking runtime from the site, we will still have a working non-tasking
port of GNAT if we do this. 

Robert Dewar

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