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Re: speeding up liveness analysis ideas.

On Saturday, October 20, 2001, at 07:23  AM, Jan Hubicka wrote:

> Hi,
> Not only on Brad's testcase we spend very important amount of time in 
> the
> liveness analysis.  This is relatively sad score and I think we should 
> try
> to improve it.  It is also interesting that the times appears to be 
> considerably
> worse in the current code than they was in 3.0 times and I don't recall 
> any
> important change to the code possibly responsible for that.
It could just be bad bitmap set/clear ordering or something.
In fact, it's likely the cause if you are correct in that there have 
been few changes to the code.
Just changing the number/spread across blocks of registers would have a 
significant impact on the speed of the bitmap operations.
Once they fall out of the current bitmap element, it's linear.

> Here are several assorted ideas what I think can help
> 1) Use df.c module to find the references and uses - we currently spend
> quite a lot of time in mark_set_1 and for_each_rtx modules.  
> Discovering all
> uses/sets at once before relaxation process can be good idea...

> 2) Reverse topological order the blocks for relaxation progress
>    - this should help any iterative dataflow..

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