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question on include search path


I was wondering - *exactly why* when you say:

gcc -print-search-dirs

does it only show 'install:', 'programs:', and 'libraries:' as search paths?
What about headers? If I say

#include <stdio.h>

I'd like to know which directories are being searched there, too...

Also - speaking of headers, why is it when I install gcc in a non-standard 
location, say /opt/install, that '/opt/install/include' is not included as 
a directory for constructs of the form:

#include <zlib.h> 


Are these bugs? It seems hard to believe that this is not there by design, but
I can't think of any possible advantage of not having this included

And come to think of it, why is there no:


or some such equivalent to add onto the list of include directories searched
for headers?

Sorry, but this is frustrating the hell out of me. Try to install packages
in non-standard locations, and all of a sudden, 1 million bugs fly out of the
woodwork. Any hints on how to get around this are much appreciated.


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