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Re: Copyright forms for new contributor?

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Joe Buck wrote:
>> Nobody officially handles these requests ever since RMS requested that we
>> remove these forms from our web site. And ever since then, I am wasting my
>> time handling these requests as nobody else seems to care.
> The reason for not giving out the forms directly was that people were
> sending the wrong forms, making small (but legally significant) changes
> to them, etc.  Since the contract has to be on paper, it works best if
> the FSF sends out the actual paper [...]

This definitely makes sense, and I didn't mean to criticize that. However,
it was (and is) absolutely unclear to me, why we cannot publish the forms
used for requesting the paperwork on the web.

> Just the same, we need a better procedure.  Perhaps we SC members will
> need to take turns being the copyright form liason.  We could set up
> a mailing list for the purpose of handling requests from contributors
> for the legal documents.

Either that, or one or two volunteers.

The problem right now is that requests basically remain unanswered, and
I've just been jumping in when I notice that.

Gerald "Jerry"

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