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Re: Copyright forms for new contributor?

I wrote:
> > > Just the same, we need a better procedure.  Perhaps we SC members will
> > > need to take turns being the copyright form liason.  We could set up
> > > a mailing list for the purpose of handling requests from contributors
> > > for the legal documents.

Florian Weimer wrote:
> > Is this really necessary?  There's already a copyright assignment
> > clerk at the FSF who does this job.  I've received my papers within
> > four working days, and some of these are due to the postal services
> > involved.

Diego wrote:
> It seems to me that we should just mention the FSF clerk's
> address in the contribute page, then.

The FSF's copyright clerk is one guy who handles all the papers for all
the FSF's projects, not just GCC.  RMS doesn't want this guy to get
overwhelmed, so what he wanted was for the maintainers of a project to act
as a filter, rather than having everyone directly contact the copyright

The current problem with this is that the ball sometimes gets dropped.

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