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RE: Installation problem

Claude Bastien wrote:

> as: "/var/tmp/ccWFjDFa.s", line 255: warning 36: Use of %fr23L is
> incorrect for the current LEVEL of 1.0 

It looks like you've installed a GCC 2.95.3 binary on an HP/UX 11
machine without also installing binutils. There are problems compiling
2.95.x to run on HP/UX 11 because the default configure scripts don't
recognised version 11 and assumes it will be talking to an HP/UX 9

The best thing for you to do is to rebuild GCC 3 (which does properly
support HP/UX 11) yourself.

  1. Download and build the latest GNU make. I think it builds
     using HP/UX 11's bundled CC; try disabling NLS support in
     the configure if it doesn't.

  2. Download and build GCC 3.01 using the bundled CC, bundled
     assembler and GNU make. You just need a C-language install.
     If you follow instructions and 'make bootstrap' then you
     can expect (harmless) comparison failures. (It might not
     even be necessary to bootstrap.) Install this compiler.

  3. Download and install the most recent stable binutils
     using the compiler above.

  4. In a fresh build directory, rebuild GCC to target the
     GNU assembler built with the binutils. Bootstrap
     should succeed without problems. Install.

This will take time to build all of these, though. You may get away with
just installing the binary binutils which go with the gcc binary you
downloaded (since I assume the packager made them work together) and
then, optionally, building GCC 3 using that compiler to target those

Good luck!


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