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Urgent: Ten Day Remaining

Only Ten More Days Left
Left on Our Giant Software Sale 
Save Up To $1,071.05 Off Retail!

Please read below to find out more, or
to order now just point your web browser to:

Dear Friend,
  Here's your personal invitation to take part in Mind Media's 
first ever software best-seller sale.  It's your special 
chance to save a fortune on the most sought after self-help 
software in America today.

  We've specifically chosen you to take part in this gigantic, 
once-in-a-lifetime Mind Media sale because we know
that you are one of the most sophisticated buyers of
software in the world.  In our experience, people like 
yourself are the one's who gain the most from our programs.

  Mind Media software is different from most software programs 
because it's not just about words and numbers -- like 
spreadsheets, databases, word-processors or web browsers. Mind 
Software has been specifically designed to help us make us more 
interesting and more productive.  

        It's NOT the same old, same old!

  And rest easy here!  Mind Media's programs are not some off-
beat or "kooky" stuff that doesn't apply to you.  It is 
personal solution software that provides real answers to 
real questions that all of us need answered from time-to-
time during the course of our lives.

  Mind Media reflects a huge advance when it comes to 
self-improvement.  Previously the only thing that was available 
to most of us was a self-help book.  But self-help books only 
offer advice and theory, because they aren't interactive.  
When it comes to practice they can't hold a candle to a personal 
computer program.

That's why we want to introduce you to this new kind of 
software by giving you a chance to try any or all of our top 
20 best-selling software programs at the lowest 
price ever.  We know that once you try our software you'll never 
again be satisfied with a mere book.

But talk is cheap.  You've got to see for yourself that 
when you've got a need for personal problem solving, Mind 
Media is the way to go -- better than a book, tape, video or 
seminar -- could ever dream of being.  

So that's why we're offering you -- exclusively -- the 
lowest sale price ever on our...

In our pursuit of finding the best software programs available, 
we have assembled our Mindware Mental Edge Series. Among the 
51 programs we offer, we found that there were 20 programs
that our customers consistently chose as their favorites. 
We put these programs into a package called the Mental Edge 
Top Twenty Best Sellers.

During this special sale we're practically giving away 
our best-selling software programs to entice you to give us 
a try!  That's because we're betting that once you try one 
of our programs, you'll have an "Aha!" experience like 
you've never had before.  

We're betting that you'll discover what tens of 
thousands of Mind Media buyers before you have already 
discovered -- that ... Mind Media software can change your life!

Just think about it for a second!  There are Mind Media 
programs for almost every area of self-help including programs to 

help you better understand personality and intelligence, 
programs to help you interpret your dreams and programs to help 
you decide what career is best for you.

These are programs that are designed to provide you 
with all the answers about yourself and others that you need 
and want.  For example, there are Mind Media programs for:

++ Analyzing and understanding personality
++ Measuring your IQ  
++ Understanding your dreams
++ Becoming more creative --a true innovator
++ Achieving financial success
++ Making your writing come alive
++ Improving all your relationships
++ Managing and motivating people effectively
++ Choosing a career and getting the job you want
In fact, there's top quality program's from the Mind Media's 

Best-Seller list to answer any self-help question 
possible.  That's why our customers come back and buy from us 
over and over again.  

Our customers rely on the fact that Mind Media's Best Seller 
software provides real and effective solutions to all their 
questions about:

PERSONALITY.  We've got programs that analyze any person's 
ability to work as a team member, reveal their psychic 
defenses, tell you how to motivate others and give you clues 
about the hidden thoughts and behaviors of the people around 

CAREER.  Here we've got programs that will help you with 
career choice.  Plus, we've go software that will help you 
succeed on the job by being a better manager, a better 
negotiator and or more creative. And how keep yourself and 
those around you motivated. 

INTELLIGENCE.  Now you can measure your IQ and get a series 
of exercises that will help you develop your intellectual 
powers to an even higher level.  

DREAM INTERPRETATION.  These programs tell you the meaning 
behind your dreams -- fast and accurately!  They're like 
having your own trained dream analyzer working for you full-

On top of everything else, these programs are all designed 
to be fun and easy to use -- with their modern graphical 
interfaces -- and numerous entertaining sights, sounds and 
actions they are in a class by themselves when it comes to 
programming excellence. 

Our special offer to you...

Just $49.95 gets you the entire Mind Media Best Seller Bundle
Look at the Mind Media On-line Interactive Software Catalog at for details on the 
programs. And then go to order!
  And please remember! You're under absolutely no obligation to buy 
anything else in order to qualify for these special low, low 
prices.  All we want is for you to give us a try.

  So why not take me up on this special by invitation-only 
sale of our latest best-sellers.  I guarantee you'll be 
happy with what you get. 

How to order...
point your browser to or
mail your order to the address at the bottom of this
offer with a check or money order. You can also fax
your order to 1-831-426-8519

    But hurry though. Remember, though!  We can only hold this offer 
open for a the next ten day! 
So you've got to act now if your want to 
take advantage of this special once-in-a-lifetime sale.


Bruce Ehrlich

P.S. To make this offer even better, we are making this 
a true once-in-a-lifetime special.  With your purchase of the 
Super Saver Bundle at our low price of $49.95, we'll send 
you a copy of Mind Prober - a $29.95 value - absolutely free.
You can take a look at what Mind Prober offers at
Order now and our entire 20 program bundle plus Mind Prober 
will be headed for your postbox today! 

Mind Media, Inc.
849 Almar Ave. Suite C-125
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

FAX: (831) 426-8519

+ + +
Thank you for reading and stay tuned for 
more! For comments or contributions, send e-mail to 
Bruce Ehrlich ( 
Copyright 2001, Mind Media,Inc.

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